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Discovering Blockchain – Workshop 1

Discovering Blockchain – Workshop 1

The 1st delivery of Discovering Blockchain, a series of insightful content on blockchain and its applications.

Each Workshop will gather 3 speakers, on which their profiles are local/international entrepreneurs, researchers, authors, and recognised personalities of the blockchain, and a blockchain tutorial.

Due to covid, the event will be online, livestreaming links will be shared a week before the date.

Event page:

Link to facebook live:


Keynote 1: Oraichain: A data oracle platform that aggregates and connects Artificial Intelligence APIs to smart contracts and regular applications

Keynote 2: RSK: The smart contract platform secured by bitcoin

  • Presenter: Eddy Travia
  • Description: Introduction to RSK, 2-way peg and merge mining, RSK origins, and current applications.

Keynote 3: V-Chain: A Blockchain-based Platform for Development and Deployment of Decentralized Applications

  • Presenter: Nguyen Binh Minh/Dinh Huu Hai Quan
  • Description: A short introduction to V-Chain platform and simple demo to illustrate the V-Chain platform operations.

Tutorial: Build a full stack DApp on RSK (Part 1)

  • Presenter: Brendan Graetzq
  • Description: How to get started developing decentralised applications on RSK.

RSK Tutorial

Presentation pre-read materials:

Workshop materials:

Software to install

OS: Linux/ Mac/ Windows


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