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Dandelion Labs

Dandelion Labs

Dandelion Labs is a blockchain product and research agency that works alongside startups and SMEs applying emerging technologies to existing and new business models. They partner with companies around the software industry, investors, researchers, and universities.

Their key market advantage is the ability to leverage a wealth of experience in the specific field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies and a significant network of local and international partners.

The founder of Dandelion originated Blockchain Hanoi movement back in 2020, and has been keeping the community active since then.

Dandelion Labs’ Vision & Mission

Our purpose-driven multidisciplinary team believes in technology as a force of change. Technology has to be carefully and consciously designed, architectured, and applied to ensure positive and fair outcomes for internal and external stakeholders, leveraging it to support sustainable and regenerative practices, social impact, and inclusion.


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