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Luis Fernando Molina

Luis Fernando Molina

I met Luis back in 2015, when he was starting his first blockchain project “Fermat”. I had to participate in a competition against 130 other developers to get the chance to talk to him. To be completely honest, I do not know why he choose me, but one good day, he told me something like “Better have your suitcase ready, cos you are coming to Budapest.”

I have always been that guy thinking out of the box, doing the things nobody will do, challenging the future, wondering how our actions effect it; however, since that day, he changed my perception about the world completely.

Let me introduce you to Luis:

Luis Fernando Molina was born in my dear Cordoba, Argentina, between rivers and mountains. As a prodigious kid, while in college, he was teaching maths and physics to university students. Very young, he made enough money to travel to Central America, following a crazy dream — which I will probably have the chance to talk some other time.

His software development career started out of a casualty there, and his hard efforts led him to FinTech, creating security and scalability systems for banks and other financial institutions. Within a short period of time, Luis created his own software development company to provide this services on another level.

Luis was always curious, and traveled a lot, “un culo inquieto,” you could tell. His curiosity took him to explore a beautiful and complex form of Arabic geometric architecture; not long after he founded Nomad Inception in Dubai, the first company to reproduce and automate the creation of the patterns that shape that interesting geometry.

While in Dubai, he heard about Bitcoin and his interest started to grow…

Funny fact and important remark, Nomad Inception’s business cards had written its name in Arabic, and when Luis handed out one of them to a local business man, he learnt that with the extremely unbelievable addition of a single point, instead of “Nomad Inception”, the phrase would be read “Bitcoin.”

Enough to understand why he has been devoted to this technology since then, founding the Fermat / Internet of People movement in 2014, and then in 2017.

Happy to say that after 5 years of friendship, work, and adventures together, we still keep the same enthusiasm, and so Luis Fernando Molina: visionary, entrepreneur and innovator.

Luis will be speaking in our Blockchain Hanoi monthly event: “Designing Crypto Experiences“. We choose him because he has been designing crypto adventures for the last 5/6 years, and SuperAlgos brings to the trading industry an amazing set of innovations and erases a lot of the barriers of access to this technology.

Join his movement and community to know more about what he is up to!


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