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Patrick Tan

Patrick Tan

About Patrick Tan

Patrick Tan is the CEO & General Counsel of Novum Alpha, a quantitative digital asset trading firm, as well as the Deputy Chairman for the Novum Group. Appointed as an Advocate & Solicitor in 2005, Patrick specializes in blockchain technology law and was previously practicing with one of Singapore’s top blockchain technology law firms. He oversees trading teams in the United Kingdom and Singapore, analyzing and managing risks related to cryptocurrency trading for Novum Alpha and his writing is regularly featured in leading publications.

What would you contact Patrick Tan for?

  • Financial Advisory
  • Finance Consulting
  • Information Management
  • IT Consulting
  • Network Support

Patrick introduced crypto trading and algo-trading in the 10th delivery of Blockchain Hanoi monthly events.

About Novum Alpha

Novum Alpha is a leading cryptocurrency asset management firm, helping our clients grow their existing pools of cryptocurrency. With an analytical and quantitative allocation approach, we have delivered for clients consistent, uncorrelated returns in all market conditions.


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